Preparing College and Career Ready Graduates

Our Vision for Student Success

Fresno Unified is committed to preparing college and career ready graduates.  To achieve this level of readiness, every student can and must learn at grade level and beyond.  We have a deliberate, intentional culture of learning with high expectations where every day, every educator and every student seeks to learn and strives for growth.  We support and challenge each other to stay focused on what matters most: ensuring that in every classroom our students are tackling relevant, challenging content, taking ownership for their learning and improving every day. ​


Main Phone: (559) 457-3554

Kim Mecum​, Chief Academic Officer
(559) 457-3731​

Theory of Action​

  • Get the right people in the right work
  • Invest all stakeholders in a shared vision of effective instruction that drives our work
  • Establish a diverse, inclusive, accountable community that embraces a culture of learning with high expectations
  • Ensure a coherent and effective instructional system to support schools in achieving our shared vision


​​​​College & Career Readiness

Explo​re programs and schools which support in preparing our students to be college and career ready.​

Jeremy Ward
Executive Officer
​​(559) 248-7465
​​​​College & Career Readiness Website

Curriculum, Instruction & Professional Learning

Learn​​ about curriculum, instruction and prof​essional learning opportunities for educators and resources for parents.

Carlos Castillo
Instructional Superintendent​
(559) 457-3554
Curriculum, Instruction & Professional Learning Website

Prevention & Intervention

Explore the socio-emotional supports available to support student learning.

Ambra Dorsey
Executive Director
(559) 457-3340​
Prevention & Intervention Website

School Leadership​

Learn which member of the Fresno Unified’s leadership team supports your school site.

Misty Her
Instructional Superintendent
(559) 457-3678
School Leadership Website

​Special Educati​on

Learn about Fresno Unified’s special education services.

Brian Beck
Assistant Superintendent
(559) 457-3226
Special Education Website

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